Dental Crowns

A crown is a ‘cap’ that fits over the entire surface of the tooth. The process of making a crown involves trimming the tooth down to the desired shape. Impressions of the tooth preparation are then taken. From the impressions, the laboratory can construct the crown.
Once fabricated, a crown is fitted over the tooth surface and bonded in place using special dental cements. The shape, size, colour and surface characteristics of a crown are closely matched to the surrounding teeth. Dental crowns can be made from stainless steels, all ceramic, all resin, all metal or porcelain-fused-to metal.
With proper oral care and maintenance, these crowns may last for years.
  • To restore heavily broken down teeth
  • To restore heavily filled teeth
  • To give form to broken or unusually shaped teeth
  • To treat discoloured teeth
  • May help in realigning crowded or spaced teeth

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