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All services provided by General Dentist

Dental Care

Your smile & well being is important

We are proud to offer different kinds of dental services from comfortable and relaxing surroundings at the heart of the local community from a convenient location. We follow the principles of minimally invasive general dentistry which is designed to help patients by offering a comfortable dental experience.
Restorative Dentistry  

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Edmonton

The basic repair of the mouth is called Restorative Dentistry. From teeth restoration with bonded tooth-coloured filling, porcelain crowns and aesthetic inlays or onlays. Missing teeth can be replaced with fixed bridges, removable or complete dentures, implants. Broken down and infected teeth can also be treated with root canal therapy and crowned.

Click on the links below to read further about various restorative options provided by our clinic.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Root Canal Therapyamalgam-fillings Dental Implants Dentures Inlay Restorations

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry Edmonton

The health of your teeth and mouth is very important to the overall well-being of your entire body, and while routine brushing and flossing at
home is necessary to keep your smile looking its best, visiting your dentist for a comprehensive exam and cleaning is essential. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist every six months to detect problems early. Dentists may suggest you visit more or less depending on various reasons such as your oral care and hygiene, problems that you have that needs to be addressed to and checked, your rate of tartar build up and more.

By routinely seeing your dentist for exams and cleanings, you can:

  • Prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath
  • Save money by avoiding costly and extensive dental procedures
  • Keep your teeth white by reducing staining from food and drinks
  • Shorten the time spent in your dentist’s office

Click on the links below to read further about various preventive services provided by our clinic.

Exams & Cleanings

Digital X-Rays

Brushing & Flossing

Fluoride Treatment

Oral Hygiene

Cosmetic Dental Enhancements

Cosmetic Dentistry

When someone smiles at you it is impossible not to reciprocate – smiling is contagious. Your smile tells the world a lot about yourself and a beautiful smile radiates confidence and warmth.

Unfortunately lots of people feel inhibited to smile in full which is a shame because in many social and business situations a friendly smile is important. This can be treated easily and is thus completely avoidable. Many smiles can be changed in a very short period of time using whitening, resin bonding, veneers or crowns.
For most people, their smile is a reflection of their overall well being. A smile can make a difference in your day. So, good oral hygiene is important to help you have a wonderful smile.

Click on the links below to read further about various cosmetic options provided by our clinic.

Teeth whitening Composite Fillings Dental Crowns Dental Bridges Dental Veneers

Children’s Dentistry  

Children’s Dentistry

Children's Dentistry Edmonton Alberta

At My Smile Family Dental we understand that good oral hygiene and preventive dental care must begin at an early age. We ask parents to register their children at our practice and we encourage regular attendance for check-ups. To help you, we actively involve you and your children in dental education so that the importance of a good dental regime is fully appreciated.

We also understand that children can be very nervous and should be treated with sympathy and sensitivity – we want their visits to us to be as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

Click on the links below to read further about how we care for our children.

Proper Brushing Diet Fissure Sealants Orthodontics Child Registration

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